BT are planning to remove the telephone box from the centre of the village next to William. They says that the phone has had very little use over a significant period. But the community of Gunnislake are being given the chance to express their views. There is a consultation period of 42 days from the 17th October 2019.

BT say if you think the telephone should be retained you must contact BT direct and express your views. Alternatively, the telephone could go but the box could be kept as an icon and repurposed. In that case you need to contact the Parish Clerk at

Already there have been a stream of suggestions on the Gunnislake Community Matters Facebook page. Some say it would be a shame to lose it and it’s in a great spot to be repurposed. Suggestions include a book swap or a planter. In nearby Harrowbarrow the local Women’s Institute has adopted and maintained it and a local group do the same in St Ann’s Chapel where it is decorated according to the seasons or an even. Tongue in cheek, one comment asked where Superman would change if it goes?! Painting it black and white for Cornwall, being the first village in the county, was another thought. One concerned person pointed out the usefulness of the phone as not everyone has a fully charged mobile phone or cannot get a signal. For sentimental reasons one resident wanted it kept as she used to clean it when she worked in the Post Office in the Square.

With the number and variety of social media comments, GCM chairman, Ross Hanley, urges everyone to express their views either to BT or to the parish council. The deadline is the 28th November.