In July last year Gunnislake Community Matters was awarded a grant from The Highstreet Fund towards provision of street signs to address the issue of litter and dog mess within the village.

A ‘Design a Sign’ event was organised in August at the Village Hall, the aim of this event was to highlight the issue of litter and dog mess on the streets, educate the community and encourage children to produce eye catching designs and ideas that would encourage people to clean up behind them. A selection of local charities and organisations with involvement in recycling and eco-friendly produces and ideas attended the event providing a range of information and activities for young and old alike. Children from the village came up with a wide selection of designs and ideas, 3 of which were selected to be incorporated into the final design to be displayed around the village.

In total 16 signs were printed and supplied by Tavy Signs, you may have seen them popping up around the village over the past couple of months.

We hope these new signs will have a positive impact on the village and encourage people to think before dropping litter or leaving dog mess behind. In time, plastic bottles containing poo bags will also be put up around the village to aid those who get caught out without a bag.

Scoop That Poop – Clean up our Village